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Blood circulation is a constant movement

Blood circulation is one of the most important functions of the body. Improper lifestyle, certain diseases and age can lead to its violation.

Blood circulation is a constant movement of blood. Thus, every organ and every cell is provided with the necessary nutrients and oxygen. Without proper blood circulation, the body will experience hunger and will not be able to perform its functions in full. He will give alarm signals in the form of unpleasant symptoms: fatigue, apathy, pallor of the skin, and many others. All this suggests the need to make mandatory changes in your daily life. What advice do experts give to improve this feature, and what products can become allies?

Regulate your caffeine intake
Limit your salt intake
Avoid severe stressful situations
Move more actively
Review your diet
Give up smoking
Give up strong alcoholic beverages
Here are five useful products that can improve blood circulation, and therefore overall health.

Treat yourself to chocolate
Did you know that a small amount of high-quality dark chocolate (with a cocoa content of at least 70%) can help to naturally improve blood circulation?

Eat nuts
Eating different varieties of nuts is a great way to keep blood circulation at an optimal level. Nature has endowed these fruits with a high concentration of nutrients that can improve this function. They are very useful because they contain L-arginine. This amino acid has a relaxing effect on blood vessels and increases blood flow. Peanuts and almonds are the richest suppliers of this element. For maximum benefit, nuts should be consumed raw, without adding salt or other flavor enhancers.

Eat fruit and watermelon
You can improve blood circulation by including certain fruits in your diet. Be sure to add citrus fruits to the menu. They are rich in vitamin C, which significantly improves blood circulation. Regular consumption of these delicious fruits will make the walls of blood vessels healthier, more elastic. Watermelon should also find a place on your table, but only during the watermelon season. It is rich in lycopene – a powerful antioxidant that is associated with blood circulation.

Herbs and spices
Some of the most commonly used spices, such as black pepper and red pepper, are excellent for improving blood circulation. Their use increases the strength of capillaries and arteries. Add them more often to dishes if there are no direct contraindications for a number of diseases. The Ginkgo biloba plant is known for its ability to improve memory, but it also has a positive effect on blood circulation, strengthening blood vessels. It is used in the form of tea or food additives. Other spices that help improve blood circulation are garlic and ginger.

Green tea
The secret of good health of the Japanese is not only in their national food, but also in green tea. They drink about 700 ml of the drink a day. Tea is rich in antioxidants, which give health and improve blood circulation. In particular, green tea helps to improve the functioning of endothelial cells, which prevents the aging of blood vessels and clogging of arteries. It is recommended to drink 2 cups of green tea a day.